About Xylophone

Drum roll...

This blog is kind of a hack for me. I'm learning to code the hard way and I figured that it could be easier if I teach what I learn( We'll see about that).

So on to the introduction, I'm not comfortable talking about myself, but people tend to say I know how to explain things to people, think critically, ask questions, and come up with wild ideas.

I'm writing this blog to learn better, and stir up conversations with people around the topics discussed here.

What to expect.

Xylophone is aimed at people trying to understand concepts through articles, but want to read conversational articles. If you are bored with all the academic modes of technical writing online, this is your best bet for a relaxing technical blog(sounds like an oxymoron right?).

You should expect a linear kind of series from this blog. This means a series might have to end before another begins. It might sound boring, but this is meant to train our focus. Also, it doesn't mean the series won't be updated after the ending.

Xylophone shares technical articles, and also philosophy-oriented kind of articles through the Unsolicited series.

You might encounter some mistakes and errors because the author(Me) of this blog writes to explain new concepts to himself and others. If you do, please correct me, I'm not proud enough to despise corrections.


Technical articles are slated for Tuesdays while articles on the Unsolicited series would be released every Saturday.

I'm going to be strict with this schedule from February.


It's going to be hard for me, but most importantly fun for both of us. Please please please, I would deeply appreciate any form of support through sharing this with a Tech person you love. Bis bald.